Tribute to 118 Years of Philippine Independence (June 12, 1898)

Tribute  to 118 Years of Philippine Independence

(June 12, 1898 – June 12, 2016)

Entry for Good News Pilipinas Essay Writing Contest 2015

by Steffany Nava Loresto



Proudheartedly, Filipino


I am proud to be a Filipino. I am a progeny of a distinctive race. I was born in a place of exceptional beauty and opulent culture. I am an offspring whom God bestowed capabilities that symbolize me as a true-blooded citizen of the Philippines.

From all the walks of life, our race is the most disparate. We are versatile in the sense that we possess extraordinary characteristics that distinguish us from other nationalities. We are good-natured, independent, socially gracious, and hospitable. Friendliness is our best way to socialize, something good in nature which is quite an impression to foreigners. We care and we share, we are a bonhomous kind of person. We love to interact, bearing the nature of a good kinship.

Hospitality is the hallmark of the Filipino personalities. It is one exemplar of national behavior that unites us, yet swerving us from the others. Filipinos likewise are cordial to guests. Whether invited or perfectly strangers, we are regaling and lavishing them attention. All over the world, we are known for this kind of personality, which serves as an emblem of a Filipino heart. We must be proud, we are being admired because of this trademark.

Independence is our legacy. Filipinos have strode long enough for freedom. The settlement of our democratic administration was a rudimental prerequisite for the evolution of self-subsistence. This land became a cradle of patriots who have proffered their lives to oppose despotism, as Jose Rizal befriended with his plume and paper, and offered his life at Bagumbayan, when Bonifacio led the Katipunan, and the triumphant battle of Lapu-Lapu in Mactan. They have all hoped that in this generation, we will see no more our country’s gaunt countenance, and will not be trampled again by oppressors’ feet. With these, I am proud to be a descendant of the braves and the fearless.

I am proud I was born in a land where God had showered most of His bountiful consecrations. A fascinating country, the Pearl of the Orient, these endearments have given my heart a warm embrace and a vigorous beat of pride. This archipelago have not only conceived a remarkable history about heroism. Within the seven thousand one hundred seven isles, lies superb, inexhaustible beauties of nature, ingenious citizens, and flourishing traditions and cultures.

Our native land abounds with captivating and breath-taking wonders of nature. The perfectly cone-shaped Mayon suggests an imagery of an unequivocal aestheticism. The beguiling Taal is a natural representation of the peculiarity of Filipinos. Vigan City is a venerable landmark that emphasizes sentimentality of Filipino people. We place great values to certain things in commemorating the pasteled past, whereas, we believe it is foundation to betterment, likewise, advocating our passionate perspectives. The unparalleled beauty of the 2000-year-old Banaue Rice Terraces tells the whole world how tenacious and consistent we are, picturing endurance and toughness of Malayan descendants. The Subterranean River relates our country as a place where more cloistered riches lies. The white sands and bluish ocean of Boracay underscore joyous, bright-colored lives. I am proud, that in this diminutive homeland, places a legion of enchanting beauties of nature.

Likewise, this nation is being recognized with affection because of the preservation and profound tillage of affluent culture. Fiestas are best examples of how Filipinos devote for faith. We are God-fearing individuals, we possesses a heart of fidelity, and in every prosperity, we have never forgotten to extend gratitude to Whom those blessings have come from. The Panagbenga pictures the creativity of Filipinos. The Sinulog speaks patriotic preparedness in defending the country from foreign incursion.

Philippine literature in the same way have made our country an epistemic nation. Even in the pre-colonial era lies great literary works. Epic such as Biag Ni Lam-Ang is an exemplary in the field of poetry. During the Spanish occupation unfolded awe-inspiring literatures suchlike Rizal’s two legendary novels – Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo – which divulged the nationalistic hearts of the people, and the birth of our National Anthem. Our country is the home of eminent performing artists through the years across the world, in music, dance, sports and pageantry.

We are incredibly different. We have this unity called the Bayanihan way. We have been descended from a Promethean ancestry, having a scrutinizing perspective, a torrential mindset and decisiveness to stand that we always can prevail any impediments. Nevertheless, with all these conspicuous adeptness, benevolence still glorifies in our hearts.

In the abundance of love and consecrations to this beautiful land, what more can we ask for? I am proud to be brown-skinned, and in every moment of my life, I will undauntedly flaunt the whole world how blessed I am.


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