Synopsis – R. Duterte STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS 2016



– Steffany N. Loresto –



After the short greetings to some primary persons present at the said event, the new president had an utmost deliverance of what he wanted to happen in his incumbency, what is happening before, and knowing who are responsible for the ills of the country. He was insistent to provoke changes, because he had known it for a long time, and how it is hard not to have justice, as he said. The fight against criminality, corruptions, and illegal drug pushing, he was much more adamant to make war against these odds. He had said about having equality, courage to fight for what we believe in, and having an intact joint of God and the State.

The speech continued as he mentioned departments and committees responsible for his primary goals to be in action – the NAPOLCOM to make proper verdicts to members having unlawful pursuits, the DILG to make primary controls to LGUs, creating an Inter-Agency Committee on Illegal Drugs, giving prime concern on drug rehabilitation programs by the help of AFP, and fortifying reservists.

Moving forward with other important assistance, the president assured us the continuous and enhanced security of the people, the fulfillment of human rights, especially the marginalized, the amelioration of the people’s welfare in health, education, shelter, environmental preservation and culture. For betterment, internal threats and terrorism shall have mere confrontation, coordination to neighbor countries shall be more reinforced. He had also an address to rebels, most especially to NPAs, to have peace of the living, to end the long conflict and bloodsheds. He wished for a total end of violence, and a permanent peace of the nation.

He thus mentioned his strong aspiration on maintaining the constant development of our macroeconomic management, better job creation, poverty reduction, household sufficient income, enhancing local businesses, investments to develop labor-intensive industries and infrastructures, implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law, equitable tax reforms, efficient tax system, and better management of public information.

Before the end of his speech, he had assured us, that his administration would be 101% clean, and fruitful. His ad libs centered at the importance of a federal system of government, addressing the people that he is well-dedicated to the welfare of the country, he have to protect the country.


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