Blog Post #1: How to UNLIKE someone?

There are certain things that happen to our life which we can’t directly get an exact answer. Although it’s not a question, it can make us keep asking why? Why it happened? It’s too hazy for us to verify an answer, really.

Most probably when it comes to greatest and most maddening feeling — Love.
Yes, love.
When you keep asking yourself when, how, why  you feel this way? It’s a torture to the brain cells. Can’t sleep. Because you keep on thinking about him or her, even your mind was too tired for those endless questions. And you have endless hopes, ‘what ifs’, assumptions.

That’s why I called it ‘maddening’. Our thinking struggles a lot. And to remind you, if the feeling’s aren’t mutual, if it’s one-sided, if it’s like driving ’til the dead-end of the road, better UNDO it.
And that comes the BIG QUESTION, HOW?

How can I undo this feeling?

How can I move on?

How can I forget him or her?

Noone can answer it, really.

Moving on has no steps or procedures to be done.

You can never really move on. You will just going to be used to it, until you forgotten about it.

But it doesn’t mean you ‘moved on’. It’s still there. Time pass and time heals. You just learn to accept that certain things cannot happen as you wanted them to be.

Steff Loresto ❤️


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