Tribute to 118 Years of Philippine Independence (June 12, 1898)

Tribute  to 118 Years of Philippine Independence

(June 12, 1898 – June 12, 2016)

Entry for Good News Pilipinas Essay Writing Contest 2015

by Steffany Nava Loresto



Proudheartedly, Filipino


I am proud to be a Filipino. I am a progeny of a distinctive race. I was born in a place of exceptional beauty and opulent culture. I am an offspring whom God bestowed capabilities that symbolize me as a true-blooded citizen of the Philippines.

From all the walks of life, our race is the most disparate. We are versatile in the sense that we possess extraordinary characteristics that distinguish us from other nationalities. We are good-natured, independent, socially gracious, and hospitable. Friendliness is our best way to socialize, something good in nature which is quite an impression to foreigners. We care and we share, we are a bonhomous kind of person. We love to interact, bearing the nature of a good kinship.

Hospitality is the hallmark of the Filipino personalities. It is one exemplar of national behavior that unites us, yet swerving us from the others. Filipinos likewise are cordial to guests. Whether invited or perfectly strangers, we are regaling and lavishing them attention. All over the world, we are known for this kind of personality, which serves as an emblem of a Filipino heart. We must be proud, we are being admired because of this trademark.

Independence is our legacy. Filipinos have strode long enough for freedom. The settlement of our democratic administration was a rudimental prerequisite for the evolution of self-subsistence. This land became a cradle of patriots who have proffered their lives to oppose despotism, as Jose Rizal befriended with his plume and paper, and offered his life at Bagumbayan, when Bonifacio led the Katipunan, and the triumphant battle of Lapu-Lapu in Mactan. They have all hoped that in this generation, we will see no more our country’s gaunt countenance, and will not be trampled again by oppressors’ feet. With these, I am proud to be a descendant of the braves and the fearless.

I am proud I was born in a land where God had showered most of His bountiful consecrations. A fascinating country, the Pearl of the Orient, these endearments have given my heart a warm embrace and a vigorous beat of pride. This archipelago have not only conceived a remarkable history about heroism. Within the seven thousand one hundred seven isles, lies superb, inexhaustible beauties of nature, ingenious citizens, and flourishing traditions and cultures.

Our native land abounds with captivating and breath-taking wonders of nature. The perfectly cone-shaped Mayon suggests an imagery of an unequivocal aestheticism. The beguiling Taal is a natural representation of the peculiarity of Filipinos. Vigan City is a venerable landmark that emphasizes sentimentality of Filipino people. We place great values to certain things in commemorating the pasteled past, whereas, we believe it is foundation to betterment, likewise, advocating our passionate perspectives. The unparalleled beauty of the 2000-year-old Banaue Rice Terraces tells the whole world how tenacious and consistent we are, picturing endurance and toughness of Malayan descendants. The Subterranean River relates our country as a place where more cloistered riches lies. The white sands and bluish ocean of Boracay underscore joyous, bright-colored lives. I am proud, that in this diminutive homeland, places a legion of enchanting beauties of nature.

Likewise, this nation is being recognized with affection because of the preservation and profound tillage of affluent culture. Fiestas are best examples of how Filipinos devote for faith. We are God-fearing individuals, we possesses a heart of fidelity, and in every prosperity, we have never forgotten to extend gratitude to Whom those blessings have come from. The Panagbenga pictures the creativity of Filipinos. The Sinulog speaks patriotic preparedness in defending the country from foreign incursion.

Philippine literature in the same way have made our country an epistemic nation. Even in the pre-colonial era lies great literary works. Epic such as Biag Ni Lam-Ang is an exemplary in the field of poetry. During the Spanish occupation unfolded awe-inspiring literatures suchlike Rizal’s two legendary novels – Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo – which divulged the nationalistic hearts of the people, and the birth of our National Anthem. Our country is the home of eminent performing artists through the years across the world, in music, dance, sports and pageantry.

We are incredibly different. We have this unity called the Bayanihan way. We have been descended from a Promethean ancestry, having a scrutinizing perspective, a torrential mindset and decisiveness to stand that we always can prevail any impediments. Nevertheless, with all these conspicuous adeptness, benevolence still glorifies in our hearts.

In the abundance of love and consecrations to this beautiful land, what more can we ask for? I am proud to be brown-skinned, and in every moment of my life, I will undauntedly flaunt the whole world how blessed I am.


Blog Post #3: TL Ako Sa’yo

Ewan ko ba kung bakit type kita, ‘di ka naman gwapo.. 🎶

SOMETIMES, there are certain things that will make our head upside down. Minsan, akala natin, wala lang, hindi magkakatotoo, hindi mangyayari, wala namang kwenta, hindi mo gusto.. pero, paano kapag dumating yung time na bigla na lang magbago ang lahat? What if one day you woke up feeling all the opposite, and you  can’t do anything about it but to accept it.
Will you take the risk?

WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. Sorry, masyado yata akong nadala kaagad. I’m gonna tell you my story. A very typical story yet it’s marking my head and my heart deep.
It’s my first time to have a job. I’m a fresh graduate and luckily, I’ve got a job in my previous training station in Manila. The company’s atmosphere is too good to be true. Yung dating nasa imagination ko lang na nagtatrabaho ako sa isang prestihiyosong kumpanya where I’m bumping with corporate-attired people, where everything’s in their right places, lights are screaming with elegance, I sit on a rolling, soft chair which they call swivel, and where people are speaking english most of the time. Sorry, too much for the description. Masyado akong na-overwhelm.

Dito ko sya nakilala. Sa isang typical rin na paraan. He’s also like me, previous OJT, at ngayon ay nagtatrabaho na rin sya dito. Nakilala at napansin ko sya dahil sa tuksuhan ng mga co-workmates ko.

I don’t know when did it started. Siguro noong pinakilala nila ako sa kanya noong first day ko (well, he go the job first a month before my hiring, I guess). Nakita ko na sya dati noong OJT pa lang din sya.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit sa araw araw na lang na ginawa ni God, wala silang kasawa-sawa na biruin kaming dalawa. Yung sa tuwing malapit sya sa area namin, magsisimula na ang tuksuhan. Hindi ko talaga alam kung bakit naisipan nilang asarin ako doon. Well, hindi naman ako nahihiya ng todo. Minsan lang kapag sobra na sila. I never felt awkward, nor irritated. Natatawa lang ako ng sobra.
And as the time pass by, patuloy pa rin sila sa pagbibiro sa aming dalawa. Minsan nga OA na sila. Sinasabi pa nila na girlfriend daw ako nya, nagdedate daw kami, kinikilig daw ako, magkatext daw kami palagi, namimiss ko daw sya, and the such.

I woke up one day na umaayon na ang isip at puso ko sa mga pang-aasar nila sa amin. I was startled, of course. Dahil hindi ko akalain na napo-fall na pala ako. It’s definitely an insane suicide. I’m falling for a stranger — well, not totally dahil magkakilala na kami. I started to feel butterflies inside my tummy, my heart beats abnormally when he’s around. Man, this is bad. Ang cliché ‘di ba? Pero kahit napakatypical pala ng ganitong feeling, kakaiba pa rin. Ang saya, and at the same time, nakakatakot. What if I was totally fallen and he wasn’t able to catch me? What if everything I feel is just temporary? What if I get hurt too bad? What if, everything is just a joke? Hayy. Too many ‘what ifs’. It’s getting worse than I thought.

Nakakatakot kasi ramdam ko na yung pagdating ng time na, I started imagining, dreaming, and assuming things. It freaks the hell out of me.

“Minsan, minamahal natin ang isang tao kahit wala naman silang ginagawa. Sometimes, we just… fall for their smiles, their wit, their personality… or simply, we just fall for who they really are and not for what have they done to earn our hearts.” — Erica Viktoria (Sexy Crazy Wife, TOG3)


Hanggang ngayon marami pa rin akong ‘what ifs’ inside my mind. Probably, it won’t end that easily. You know the feeling that you’re still hoping this will work, kahit alam mong, 1% lang ang chance. I want to take all the risk, but I’m afraid to lose in the end, thus, it’s really a one pathetic game.


I don’t know how to rate my seriousness about this.

Blog Post #1: How to UNLIKE someone?

There are certain things that happen to our life which we can’t directly get an exact answer. Although it’s not a question, it can make us keep asking why? Why it happened? It’s too hazy for us to verify an answer, really.

Most probably when it comes to greatest and most maddening feeling — Love.
Yes, love.
When you keep asking yourself when, how, why  you feel this way? It’s a torture to the brain cells. Can’t sleep. Because you keep on thinking about him or her, even your mind was too tired for those endless questions. And you have endless hopes, ‘what ifs’, assumptions.

That’s why I called it ‘maddening’. Our thinking struggles a lot. And to remind you, if the feeling’s aren’t mutual, if it’s one-sided, if it’s like driving ’til the dead-end of the road, better UNDO it.
And that comes the BIG QUESTION, HOW?

How can I undo this feeling?

How can I move on?

How can I forget him or her?

Noone can answer it, really.

Moving on has no steps or procedures to be done.

You can never really move on. You will just going to be used to it, until you forgotten about it.

But it doesn’t mean you ‘moved on’. It’s still there. Time pass and time heals. You just learn to accept that certain things cannot happen as you wanted them to be.

Steff Loresto ❤️

First Time for Out-for-Business

It’s almost four months since my first day of work. Sharing my fist OB with my colleagues, clients and officemates:

Hewlett-Packard & MSI-ECS NMFT Archery Event (Product Updates for HP Consumer Notebooks, Printers, & Tablets)

September 7th, 2016

7th Flr. One Corporate Centre, Gandiva Archery Range & Cafe, Julia Vargas St., cor. Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City Metro Manila Philippines.

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Synopsis – R. Duterte STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS 2016



– Steffany N. Loresto –



After the short greetings to some primary persons present at the said event, the new president had an utmost deliverance of what he wanted to happen in his incumbency, what is happening before, and knowing who are responsible for the ills of the country. He was insistent to provoke changes, because he had known it for a long time, and how it is hard not to have justice, as he said. The fight against criminality, corruptions, and illegal drug pushing, he was much more adamant to make war against these odds. He had said about having equality, courage to fight for what we believe in, and having an intact joint of God and the State.

The speech continued as he mentioned departments and committees responsible for his primary goals to be in action – the NAPOLCOM to make proper verdicts to members having unlawful pursuits, the DILG to make primary controls to LGUs, creating an Inter-Agency Committee on Illegal Drugs, giving prime concern on drug rehabilitation programs by the help of AFP, and fortifying reservists.

Moving forward with other important assistance, the president assured us the continuous and enhanced security of the people, the fulfillment of human rights, especially the marginalized, the amelioration of the people’s welfare in health, education, shelter, environmental preservation and culture. For betterment, internal threats and terrorism shall have mere confrontation, coordination to neighbor countries shall be more reinforced. He had also an address to rebels, most especially to NPAs, to have peace of the living, to end the long conflict and bloodsheds. He wished for a total end of violence, and a permanent peace of the nation.

He thus mentioned his strong aspiration on maintaining the constant development of our macroeconomic management, better job creation, poverty reduction, household sufficient income, enhancing local businesses, investments to develop labor-intensive industries and infrastructures, implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law, equitable tax reforms, efficient tax system, and better management of public information.

Before the end of his speech, he had assured us, that his administration would be 101% clean, and fruitful. His ad libs centered at the importance of a federal system of government, addressing the people that he is well-dedicated to the welfare of the country, he have to protect the country.